A Countryside Wedding in New England

There are many places to have your wedding in New England…this region offers a variety of venues from the skyscrapers of Boston, to the mansions of Newport, to the out of the way countryside estates.

This past October, EFD Creative – Event Planning & Design had the pleasure to work at Lord Thompson Manor in Connecticut, which offers the country getaway. The estate is located on 40 acres, beautifully landscaped, with a timely romantic feel. It’s a wonderful place for family and friends to gather for a destination wedding weekend.

Autumn in New England is a popular time of year to get married. Creating a look and feel usually includes lots of red, yellow and orange tones, but we broke tradition and went for a clean and classic style. The backdrop of the foliage, with the little touches of the season throughout the manor, made the event come together visually. A fire pit in the backyard, along with fireplaces inside and outside the property, makes for a perfect location.

Photography: Aurora Photography

A Countryside Wedding in New EnglandEdna Dratch-Parker