Adding Design to Your Wedding

When people think of a wedding planner, the first thing that comes to mind is: ORGANIZER. And this is true! It is the main reason couples hire a wedding planner. We make everything happen on time, on budget and keep life organized so you can enjoy your wedding, stress free.

However, the growing popularity of design shows, magazines showcasing celebrity weddings and other lifestyle events has generated enormous interest among many brides-to-be to achieve their own unique style. This is where DESIGN comes into play. Many brides today are asking their wedding planner: Can you help me design the invitations? How can we put our own personality “stamp” on our wedding? This is what “branding” your wedding is about—bringing together design elements that will take your wedding to the next level of style to create a truly special experience for you and your guests.

Today’s wedding planner is more than just an organizer. We can be your one-stop-shop for all your design needs that will bring the “wow” factor to your special day.

Even if you aren’t sure if you want to “brand” your wedding, it’s still worth asking about the DESIGN aspect as you interview potential wedding planners.

Here are the two key questions to ask:

  • Does the wedding planner offer creative services or is he/she strictly a planner? While you may not be sure if you want help with the design touches, you should know if your wedding planner has the capabilities. Things can easily change along the way and it’s good to have options.
  • Does the wedding planner outsource design to third parties or does he/she have the capabilities in-house to provide design? Both options can work well, but may affect the cost. Just check how the wedding planner offers creative services and how he/she breaks down the costs. This way, you are fully informed and there are no surprises!

Keep an eye out for more advice from EFD Creative—The Wedding Brander™ to help with the creative side of your wedding!

Written by: Edna Dratch-Parker
EFD Creative – Event Planning & Design
The Wedding Brander™

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