Four tips to remember when planning your perfect beach wedding

Beach weddings in New England are so romantic, especially for those who met and fell in love by the ocean. If you’re looking to bring a bit of the seaside to your wedding, there are so many ways to be creative and add your own personal touches, without breaking your budget!But before you commit to a venue, there are a few important things to remember, namely:

Have a back-up plan – It is very difficult to predict Mother Nature, especially in New England. Don’t assume the venue you’re evaluating will have an adequate plan B. Make sure to ask what their contingency plans are for rain or inclement weather. Even if they do have one, which most should, be sure it meets your expectations. Some venues are just gorgeous on sunny days, but if their plan B is not what you would imagine, you will be disappointed.

We like the idea of having the ceremony outside by the water, with an indoor wedding reception. This way, you can move the ceremony indoors if it rains, without losing the fantastic views.

A good example of this option is the New Seabury Country Club in Mashpee, Cape Cod. It offers the best of both worlds. On a beautiful day, you and your guests can experience picturesque views overlooking the water, but you don’t have to panic if the sky opens up. If it rains, the ceremony can be easily relocated inside and you still have a lovely venue. If the weather clears up, the guests can walk out on a large balcony and enjoy the fresh air.

Prepare for the heat –In New England, most couples are only concerned with the rain. However, extreme heat can be just as problematic and you need to be prepared for too much of a good thing! It is a good idea to have a supply of water on hand along with fans for all of your guests. We like the idea of making your event programs into the shape of a handheld fan.

Consider your environment When a wedding is held inside, you don’t need to worry about tiny details relating to the environment. However, they must be taken into account for the beach because they may impact where you stand, what time to get photos, or if you’re going to be squinting through the entire ceremony! Make sure you know exactly when high and low tide take place and when the sun sets to be sure your timing is just right.

Remember, you are not alone A beach wedding sounds intimate and romantic… until you see the dozens or more of onlookers who have just invited themselves to your wedding and are not exactly being quiet or respectful!Remember that on public beaches there will likely be curious onlookers. To eliminate a large group of strangers attending your wedding you will want to consider having your event during a time that the beach is less crowded. Still, the only way to ensure that you won’t have any unwanted visitors is to rent a private beach.

Finally, the last thing you’ll want to think about when choosing a venue is whether or not you will need a permit to use the beach. It is a good idea to find out all of the laws and regulations before you pick the perfect spot.

It is clear that beach weddings require a lot of research and planning. However, as long as you prepare accordingly, a beach wedding can be a beautiful and memorable experience for everyone…even if the weather doesn’t live up to your expectations.

Written by: Edna Dratch-Parker
EFD Creative – Event Planning & Design • The Wedding Brander™

Four tips to remember when planning your perfect beach weddingEdna Dratch-Parker