Creating the Perfect Signature Drink

Is there a better way to celebrate the new year than with a cocktail? We don’t think so and that is why this month we are talking about signature drinks!

We love offering signature drinks at our events because they add another layer of personalization to the celebration.

There are several ways that you can infuse a bit of yourself into a signature cocktail. First of which is through the drink itself. Many people choose to highlight a beverage that they are known for drinking or just something that they personally really enjoy. Some of our couples end up with two specialty drinks: one to represent the bride’s preference and one to represent the groom.

Signature Drink Sign

Photography Credit: LifeFusion Photography

As you can see this particular couple offered two tried and true classics. However, if you are working with a great bartending service and you tell them your preferences then they can create something a little more out of the box for you and your guests.

Take this delicious creation from WanderLush, it is called the Lavender Bee’s Knees and it is made with gin, lavender honey syrup and lemon juice.

Lavendar Bee's Knees

Photography Credit: Lindsey Ocker Photography

We have also had couples who don’t have a favorite spirit or cocktail so instead they choose a drink that’s color complements the overall event design. 

Signature Drinks Matching Event Decor

Photography Credit: Allegro Photography

Regardless of how you choose the beverage, once you have a drink in mind, it’s time to focus on the presentation.

Etched Glassware

Photography Credit: Revolution Cocktails

We love this rocks glass with its delicate design. However, if the beverage were a martini it wouldn’t have looked as nice. That is because as Crystal Mills from WanderLush says, it is important to pair cocktails with the specific type of glassware that was made for that drink.


Photography Credit: Allegro Photography

Once you have chosen the perfect glass then it’s time to add the ice.

Mike Spiegel from Revolution Cocktails says that ice is another great way to add to the appearance of a drink. There are so many different shapes and sizes of ice available such as: crushed, large cubes or spheres.

One of Mike’s favorite things to do is pile crushed ice high over the rim of the glass creating a unique and dramatic look for the cocktail.

Photography Credit: Revolution Cocktails

However, when it comes to ice there is more than just shapes and sizes. You can also freeze garnishes into the cubes.

Crystal makes a gorgeous drink called The Succulent which actually has a real succulent frozen inside of the ice.

Succulent Frozen in Ice Cube

Photography Credit: Lindsey Ocker Photography

Whether they are in your ice or on your glass, garnishes are crucial to completing the look of any drink.


Photography Credit: WanderLush

Once you have chosen the beverage and the presentation is complete with a garnish then it is time to name the drink! We have had couples come up with some really fun and creative names that truly make the signature drink their own.

One of our couples chose to name their drink after their children: Tyler and Angeline

Signature Drink Sign

Photography Credit: LifeFusion Photography

All of the guests loved this personalized detail and The Tangelini was a bar favorite throughout the night.

Between the presentation, the name and the cocktail itself there is a lot that goes into making a signature drink.  However, with a little creativity and perhaps some taste testing, you can make a drink that is perfect for your event! 

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Feature Photo: LifeFusion Photography

Creating the Perfect Signature DrinkKasie