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Stefanie and Danario are a super couple, interesting and dynamic! Stefanie is a law student and Danario plays for the NFL, together the are full of energy and ambition! We were honored to be part of their wedding planning and design for their special day!

AND Grace Ormonde seemed to think they wedding were pretty special too > see them featured on their website.

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From Grace Ormonde’s Website:

While out to dinner in Southern Miami, Stefanie Teixeira had no idea that she was going to be meeting the love of her life. Danario Alexander was taken immediately, as she told him his future wife was going to be “the luckiest woman in the world.” While they were both in town, the pair became more acquainted with each other and they have been inseparable ever since.

It was a sunny morning in San Diego when the couple was preparing for a trip to Montego Bay, Jamaica with their friends. Although Stefanie thought her boyfriend was running around the house trying to get some last minute tasks completed, he was actually planning to ask for her hand in marriage before their flight. Finally, Danario walked upstairs and proposed–during which, Stefanie was crying with happy anticipation for their future together.

As Danario continued his career in professional football and Stefanie began law school, they slowly began piecing together the plan for their dream wedding. Both had the same wedding vision in mind, which was to ensure everyone in attendance felt the strength of their love and bond. Their special day materialized with the help of Stefanie’s mother, sisters, friends and an amazing wedding planner.

On the day of the wedding, the bride was getting ready at her mother’s house with all fifteen of her bridesmaids in tow, relaxing and filled with the excitement of marrying her best friend. The groom and his guys were at the InterContinental Boston Hotel having drinks, listening to music, and getting haircuts.

The ceremony was held in the Catholic Church where Stefanie was raised, and incorporated Danario’s family traditions of jumping the broom and lighting a unity candle with their parents. One of the highlights was when the groom recited heartfelt vows to their ten-year-old daughter, Ashley, making the day even more special than anyone could have imagined.

Every aspect of the wedding was carefully planned in order to express who the bride and groom are as individuals, and how that transpired into their connection with one another. They selected a DJ that reflected their personalities, a band that represented Stefanie’s Cape Verdean culture and a lighting company that would convey their love and energy throughout the night. Cakes To Remember also brought Danario’s University of Missouri football stadium to life, and the ambiance of the night was timeless and classic.

The newlyweds entered their reception dancing with each other and singing their first song, which set the tone for a celebration filled with lights, love, energy, and genuine appreciation. Although there were 325 guests in attendance, they made it a point to treat everyone to a wonderful and memorable experience, showing gratitude for the unconditional love and support they received throughout their lives.

Photography: Photography by Life Fusion

EFD Creative - Featured On Grace Ormonde Wedding StyleEdna Dratch-Parker