Excite Your Guests Through Invitation Design

Every year hundreds of couples around New England plan for a picture-perfect wedding during our region’s most beautiful season. If you’re one of these couples and you’re getting married THIS fall, then it’s time to start talking about invitations! 

You can certainly produce your invites in less than six months, however, Arlene Cronk from Invitations & Company and Mara Weiner from Allure Invitations agree that if you start now then you can enjoy a stress free production process.

Creating invitations can be fun! They’re a piece of art that tell your guests the event time and location while providing a sneak peek into the celebration that’s ahead!

Photography Credit: LifeFusion Photography

It’s no coincidence that this sparkling beauty was sent out for a wedding packed with glitz and glam. Without actually saying it, these invitations told guests to expect a formal affair that’s lively and fun!

Photography Credit: LifeFusion Photography

Meanwhile, this Safari inspired invitation suite sends a completely different message.

Photography Credit: Laura Ashbrook Photography

Our own Edna Dratch-Parker, collaborated with Emily Hostetler of Paper Moss to make sure these invitations foreshadowed the event  that was to come.

Photography Credit: Laura Ashbrook Photography

Of course a simple ivory card with black ink would have worked for both of those events. However, don’t you want your invitation to stand out among the rest?

Our bride, Tina, did just that with this truly unique design from Invitations & Company. Imagine if you received this acrylic invitation in the mail…

Photography Credit: Brian Phillips Photography

What if you opened this Mad Men inspired suite perfectly tucked inside it’s black folder?

Photography Credit: Allegro Photography

I bet you’d say, “I can’t wait to attend this wedding!”

That being said, these are two pretty elaborate designs that may not work if you have a tight budget. However, that’s okay! You don’t have to spend tons of money to make your invitations memorable and exciting. Mara and Arlene agree that it’s more important to be comfortable with the amount you are spending than to stress over something you cannot afford. Like Arlene says, if you are working with a professional then they can help you generate ideas to create something simple but special nonetheless. After all, you are inviting your nearest and dearest and they’ll be happy for you regardless of what you send in the mail.  All we suggest is that you put some thought into making an invitation that will build excitement around the most important event you’ll ever throw!

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Feature Photo: Krista Photography

Feature Photo Invitation: Hello Tenfold

Excite Your Guests Through Invitation DesignKasie