So much info online – How a wedding planner can help – From The Wedding Brander™

Not too long ago—in the days before the Internet and popular shows like Say Yes to the Dress—there were fewer options for learning about the wedding process. In the past, new brides would run to the book store to purchase the latest wedding magazines and talk to friends and family. While these are still tried and true methods, times sure have changed! At the touch of a mouse, today’s bride can access a wealth of information online, and she is savvier and more educated as a result. Some brides feel empowered to plan their own weddings and rely on the Internet as their planning tool. While this can be a good option, many brides quickly find themselves swimming in too much information, and have a difficult time figuring out what makes the most sense. Information overload can be all too overwhelming and quickly derail a bride’s best intentions for her budget. If this situation sounds familiar to you, then you are not alone! This is where a wedding planner can be an enormous help—helping you to stay on budget and create a truly spectacular event. But at what point does “do it yourself” turn into “I need a wedding planner”? If any of these questions look familiar, then you may want to consider a wedding planner.

You love the chat boards and wedding sites and have gotten inspired by talking to other brides. However, for every question you ask, you get 10 different answers. How do you know which piece of advice is best for you? The reality is that what works for others may be too expensive for you, and what sounds great for a bride in one part of the country may be completely unrealistic for your event.
You have specific ideas but how do you bring it all together? Maybe you’d like to have a romantic theme and you loved what you saw on a few different Web sites. Which approach makes the most sense? What little touches should you add? How can you tie everything together, without going overboard on your budget? How can you and your fiancé put your special personality stamp on the wedding that people will remember?

You found a great list of vendors and have already started calling a few. Some seem nice, but you’re not sure if you’re getting the most for your money. How do you know what the right cost is for a certain vendor? Can you negotiate with them? Some of them offer services that overlap with other vendors. What’s the best approach that will give you the biggest bang for your buck?

You started down the road of planning, but work is getting crazy! How can you balance the demands of work and your personal life while still planning your dream wedding? You can only go online sometimes at work and make a few calls, but not to the extent that’s needed.

You have a limited budget but you have big dreams! This is a very common scenario with brides. You want the best, but you have to keep things within a certain budget. The more you get into the planning process, the more unexpected expenses keep piling up! Who knew you needed those pretty chairs? But now they are a must! How do you prioritize things, while still getting your dream wedding?

While you might think a wedding planner is too expensive, it is actually the opposite case. Most wedding planners are willing to work with brides on portions of the planning, which can make a huge difference for your budget and piece of mind. A wedding planner can provide just the focus, creativity and expertise you need to get your dream wedding, while keeping you on budget, on time and, most importantly, let you enjoy this special time in your life without the added stress. It you’re thinking about seeking professional help, keep in mind that many wedding planners offer a free consultation.

Written by: Edna Dratch-Parker
EFD Creative – Event Planning & Design
The Wedding Brander™

So much info online – How a wedding planner can help – From The Wedding Brander™CreativeX2