How to Personalize Your Wedding Ceremony

Wedding season is in full swing here at EFD Creative which means lots of couples are saying “I Do”! We have seen so many people get wrapped up in the excitement of planning their wedding reception that the ceremony becomes more of an afterthought. This month we want to discuss how you can make your ceremony just as detailed and fabulous as the party that follows!

In talking to LisaAnn DuKaten, Life Celebrant and Interfaith Minister, she stressed that every part of a wedding ceremony has meaning. If you want to truly personalize your ceremony then it is important to think about every detail and consider how if reflects you as a couple.

As Sue Anderson, Justice of the Peace, told me one of the first ways you can personalize your wedding is with the location.

We have had several couples look at the New England Aquarium as a wedding destination and each for a different reason. One couple considered the space because it is where they got engaged. Another couple looked at the property because the groom volunteered at the aquarium part time. Last year, we had a couple exchange vows in front of the penguin exhibit because they identified themselves as fun and unique and they wanted a venue that reflected that.

New England Aquarium Ceremony

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That being said, sometimes couples have limited options for their ceremony venue. For those people we recommend putting some extra special thought into the decor.

A few years ago we had a groom who actually cut down a tree and built a traditional Jewish wedding chuppah from scratch. The florist then embellished the structure with flowers to match the overall design of the wedding.

Groom's Homemade Chuppah

Photography Credit: Barefotos Photography

Now that groom was pretty ambitious! The good news is you can still personalize your wedding ceremony without having to engage in such heavy manual labor.

An easier way to incorporate your personal touch is through readings and song. Not only can you choose a passage and/or melody that speaks to you but it is also a great opportunity to involve a close friend or family member in your celebration. We planned a wedding in the past where the bridesmaids sang for the couple and their guests.

Bridesmaids Singing

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Another popular way to incorporate key people in your wedding ceremony is through symbolic rituals. From unity candles to sand ceremonies there are so many ways that couples are including their parents in their wedding. One of my favorite rituals was done during a ceremony we worked on with LisaAnn DuKaten. The couple chose to perform the unity tree ceremony.

This particular ritual required the parents of the bride and the groom to shovel a spoonful of soil onto the ceremonial tree symbolizing the joining of their two families.

Unity Tree Ceremony

Photography Credit: Person + Killian Photography

The bridal couple then poured some water onto the newly added soil promising to nourish and care for their ever growing love and life together.

Unity Tree Ceremony

Photography Credit: Person + Killian Photography

In addition to unity ceremonies, couples are also incorporating cultural and religious traditions into their celebrations. Some of our brides and grooms choose to get married in a church where they engage in a traditional Catholic ceremony.

Catholic Wedding Ceremony

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The Catholic Church typically has a standard ceremony outline that everyone must follow however you can still add in small personal touches.

For instance, last year a couple of ours chose to jump a broom at the end of their traditional Catholic ceremony in an effort to keep in line with the groom’s longtime family tradition.

Jump the Broom

Photography Credit: LifeFusion Photography

In addition to paying homage to one’s religion and/or culture, Sue Anderson says it is common for couples to incorporate their career and hobbies into a ceremony.

One particular couple that we worked with played off of the groom’s occupation as a way for the ring bearer to carry in the rings!

Firetruck and Ring Bearer

Photography Credit: Allegro Photography

However, the most memorable ring bearer came to me a few years ago. I was working with a couple who had self proclaimed themselves as geeks. They embraced their love of technology and science and carried that theme throughout the wedding day. Their fun and unique wedding was the first and only time that I have ever seen a robot act as the ring bearer!

Robot Ring Bearer

Photography Credit: George Street Photo

As you can see, there are so many ways that you can personalize your ceremony and we think it is important that you do!

As LisaAnn DuKaten says, “Your wedding ceremony is a time to honor your public affirmation of wanting to live your lives together”. It is one of the most significant moments of your life. Why not make it your very own?

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