Impress Your Guests With Your Table Design

It’s the holiday season and one thing is for sure, whether you are planning an intimate dinner or big soiree, everyone wants to impress their guests.

One sure-fire way to wow your friends and family is with a beautiful table design. A well thought out tablescape not only makes your guests feel special but it also provides them with an experience.   

There are several elements that go into creating a memorable tablescape but it all starts with the linen. The linen that you choose will set the tone for the rest of your design.

We used one of my favorite linens for a December bride whose hashtag was #sparklingeverafter. With a tagline like that, gold sequin linen was a no brainer. However, what I really loved about this particular linen was how it perfectly complemented the massive Christmas tree that was part of the venue.

Gold Sequin Linen

Photography Credit: Brian Phillips Photography

When you start your own table design, you’ll see that there are hundreds of table linens for you to choose from. However, Katie Cole from Rentals Unlimited pointed out that, recently, people have been steering away from linen and are using different types of tables, such as wooden or acrylic.

Just this past year we used wooden farmer tables in one of our event designs. It was a quinceanera party and the birthday girl had wanted the event space to feel like an enchanted forest.

Wooden Farmer's Table

Photography Credit: LifeFusion Photography

As you can see once we had the wooden table in place we built up the rest of the design from there. Every detail was hand selected to reinforce the overall theme. Even the napkin rings added to the enchanted forest experience.

Silver Leaf Napkin Ring

Photography Credit: LifeFusion Photography

Napkins and the manner in which you fold them can be an easy and cost effective way to enhance your table design.

Napkin Fold

Photography Credit: Person + Killian Photography

Our very own, Edna Dratch-Parker, said that she likes to include a flower in her napkin folds. A single bloom on each napkin adds a pop of color and compliments the centerpiece.

Flower Tuck Napkin Fold

Photography Credit: LifeFusion Photography

Then of course there are charger plates. Chargers don’t have a practical function however they do significantly help with the design aspect of your table.   

For instance, this charger added substance at our Cuban cabana styled event.

Cuban Style Place Setting

Photography Credit: Allegro Photography

While this charger complimented the classic elegance of a rehearsal dinner that we planned.   

Classic Elegant Charger

Photography Credit: Allegro Photography

In both cases, the charger plate added an interesting design element to an otherwise ordinary table setting. 

However, if your table is at it’s max capacity then chargers probably won’t fit. Lucky for you, there are still several other ways that you can strength the quality of your table design.

For example, an important component that many people don’t consider is flatware. Look at how dramatic these gold utensils look against the white sequin linen.

Gold Flatware

Photography Credit: LifeFusion Photography

Even glassware can drastically affect your table design. Notice the purple goblets in the image below. They were the perfect detail to complete the regal tone of this purple and gold wedding.

Purple Goblets

Photography Credit: Allegro Photography

As you can see, each element that you include in your table design is important. Every piece adds to the overall experience you are giving your guests. In the end, they will see the time and energy you put behind the design and they will feel special. What is more impressive than that?  

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Feature Photo: Laura Ashbrook Photography


Impress Your Guests With Your Table DesignKasie