Keynote Presentation about Wedding Design & Branding

Recently I was asked to be the keynote speaker at the Association of Bridal Consultants state meeting to discuss wedding branding. This was a great opportunity for me to talk about a subject I love and an emerging trend in the industry with my peers. I presented an overview of what it means to brand a wedding and focused, specifically, on the four themes I’ve identified as core to the branding process, namely: Look and FeelExpression of an IdealContinuity, and Simplicity. Helping couples create their own personality stamp or ‘brand’ for their wedding can transform their special day into a spectacular event that people will remember and talk about long after the bride and groom have left for their honeymoon!

It was a great honor to be asked to speak at this event! The feedback I received affirms the growing interest I’ve seen in the industry as a whole for incorporating more design elements into the wedding planning process. I’d like to thank the Association of Bridal Consultants for the opportunity. They are a valuable organization dedicated to serving the needs of wedding professionals and brides worldwide since 1955. Also a big thanks to the Longfellow’s Wayside Inn for hosting such a wonderful event. Their location, grounds and history make it a special place to hold any celebration.

Written by: Edna Dratch-Parker
EFD Creative – Event Planning & Design • The Wedding Brander™

Photography by Marina Sun, LifeFusion Photography

Keynote Presentation about Wedding Design & BrandingEdna Dratch-Parker