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Katya came to me from Canada where she was looking for someone who could execute her clean, classic old Hollywood style vision. The only day that worked for them was Halloween and she wanted to be sure that it did not feel like that day at all! No orange and black or trick or treat. The fall backdrop was the only color to the event, except the maple leaf colored cookies for the guests as favors, everything else was whites and ivories.

Lord Thompson Manor was the venue that held the closeness of the families from Canada and the Boston area. It was in fact a destination wedding to Connecticut. It was very important that Katya have a Russian Orthodox wedding where the traditions were so elegant and steeped rich with history. The crowns for the ceremony were stunning to see and watching the priest give a thoughtful service was enchanting.

After the ceremony everyone was escorted back to the manor where the guests toasted the couple who were standing on the balcony overlooking the crowd. This was a great location to get a group photo of all the guests in attendance.

The rooms, fireplace, piano and atmosphere were warm and cozy and fit perfectly with the Autumn air. The many outdoor fireplaces and fire pits made it fun to stand around the fire and share the joy of the evening.

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