Winter Wedding

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Hampshire House

This wedding was featured in the national magazine Flowers.

This wedding was also published on Style Me Pretty…here is an excerpt from the post:

From EFD Creative – Event Planning & Design ~

When we began the planning process with Kerry and Kurt last summer, we wanted to introduce a “touch of winter” but nothing over the top, something with a classic touch and feel. Of course we had no idea that this February we would have record snowfalls, so in the end it was very appropriate!  We came up with the snowflake motif  for the invitations and branded that throughout the event with everything from the table names, signage, and seating chart down to the chocolates placed at each seat at the dining table. We also incorporated icy branches and went with a soft white feel for the flowers. The cake detailed birch branches and the secondary color (blue) in the sugar flowers, which went nicely with the bridesmaid dresses.

Kerry and Kurt live in China where Kerry is studying for her Ph.D in political science from the University of Wisconsin. His family is from Canada and Austria so many of the guests traveled from all around the world to be part of this day. Having the event at the Hampshire House was a fun way to bring in the historic feel of Boston. It truly is a Boston landmark… the Cheers bar is located on the first floor! But what really caught their eye was the warm and cozy feeling the library had to offer. With their love of education and books, they felt right at home.

Because Kerry and Kurt’s relationship began abroad in China and their romance included traveling to many countries around the world, they wanted to tie that into the event. They named their tables after all their favorite travel destinations and included a photo to share with the guests of their experience at each spot. As very special party favors, the groom carried a heavy bag of scrolls across the world, each of a different scene in China. They were a huge hit; an authentic keepsake for each guest.

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