Moroccan Style Wedding Featured in Boston Wedding Magazine

EFD Creative’s Moroccan themed photoshoot was featured in Boston Wedding magazine.

Edna Dratch-Parker: My inspiration came as I walked through the newly renovated Boston Long Wharf Marriott. I was inspired by all the designs, shapes and colors that helped create the new look. Boston is a world-class city, and with that comes a fusion of cultures from all over the world. As I toured the property, I knew immediately that the Long Wharf Marriott’s international feel would lend perfectly to a modern Moroccan-theme. The Harborview room was a perfect fit for the vision. A large, circular space with floor-to-ceiling windows offered sweeping views of the water. The room’s walls, painted in warm gold tones, could be accented with bright splashes of color to create that uniquely North African color palette that is  luxurious and exotic. The circular chandelier with crystal-style strings dangling down added in a dramatic, romantic element. With some imagination and a sense of adventure, I sought to create a look of glamour, combined with the sophistication of modern city living.

Photography: Life Fusion Photography

Moroccan Style Wedding Featured in Boston Wedding MagazineEdna Dratch-Parker