Quinceañera Celebration

LifeFusion Photography

Jasmine’s 15th birthday party embraced her family’s cultural customs with a party known as a Quinceañera celebration. This event recognizes a young lady’s journey into womanhood.

Jasmine was very clear on what she envisioned her party to look and feel like… she wanted a mystical magical enchanted forest event! So it was pretty easy coming up with the color tones based on the natural earth tones associated with a forest. Green played a huge part and then we wanted to bring in bright/rich colors to add in the youthful and playfulness of Jasmine’s personality. A pop of color was high on her list!

When creating the enchanted forest vision one could conjure up multiple looks, but because this was for a young lady, and more festive, we wanted the design to be clean and defined, but also give the feeling of magical and vibrant!

Longfellow’s Wayside Inn was the perfect location as the landscape fit perfectly into the vision with the historic feel along with the gristmill on the property, and the horse and carriage that took Jamie around the property for photos was the perfect touch that created a cohesiveness.

The interior of the tent was fully carpeted with a black rug, green hedges lined the back wall, and dramatic lighting created a rich atmosphere.


Quinceañera CelebrationEdna Dratch-Parker