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Tower Hill Botanical Gardens

EFD Creative – Event Planning & Design ~

Working with Tamara and Stefanie was such a joy! They had great energy and passion for their big day. When we search for a venue we wanted a location that inspired nature and beauty, so arriving at Tower Hill Botanical Garden was the perfect fit. Even though it did rain on the wedding day the beauty of the day was still very apparent. The glass ceiling with wooden beams created this very cozy feeling with the rain hitting the glass and falling around all sides. The rich tones of colors, purples along with reds and orange made for dramatic centerpieces that fit right into the botanical decor.

The photographer: Allegro Photography ~

Tamara and Stefanie are a vibrant couple who found so many ways to celebrate their love and share the uniqueness of their relationship with their guests. From the very first moment, they set the tone for their day- blending humor and elegance, they sent lovely invitations with a Mad Libs RSVP. When they first shared this detail, I knew they would be a joy to work with. Stefanie also shared her concerns regarding photos at our very first meeting, “I always seem to have my eyes closed in photos.” After reassuring her that wouldn’t be a problem, I then suggested that we play with that idea; at least, for once she would have her eyes open and everyone else’s would be closed. She and Tamara loved the concept and now it is one of our favorite bridal party photos. In addition to their spunk, we wanted to celebrate their sensitivity and love. Although they had hoped to be able to enjoy the grounds at Tower Hill for their portrait session, rain prevented us from being outside. Fortunately we found a few quiet nooks indoors as well as some spots that allowed me to bring the outdoors into their photos. With these planned photos and their genuine spontaneous interactions, their collection of photos documented their joy, their wit, their tenderness.

The Brides: Tamara & Stefanie ~ 

Most of our inspiration for the day came straight from the venue itself. Tower Hill Botanic Garden is so beautiful – there are beautiful plants, colors and views everywhere you turn – so a lot of our ideas flowed from that. Even though we got married in late Summer, Fall is our favorite season, so we wanted to represent it through our colors. Our primary color was a deep purple and we brought in Fall with deep oranges and reds. We wanted to make our reception feel organic and natural, but also a touch dramatic, so we opted for flowers that were in season, beautiful branches and tried to not overwhelm the space, so people could appreciate the beauty of the surroundings as well. In addition to the beautiful outdoors at Tower Hill, one of the main reasons we chose our venue was because of the rain plan. We knew that rain was a possibility and we chose the venue because we knew we would still be happy if the ceremony had to be indoors. It ended up raining, and while we were initially disappointed, the day still felt intimate and elegant, just the way we had envisioned. Several of our guests commented that they really enjoyed the indoor ceremony and couldn’t have imagined it any better outdoors, as was originally planned.

Our friends and family are really important to us, and we tried to make the whole day feel intimate and special for everyone. We wanted to include lots of homemade touches – one of our friends made a beautiful chalkboard for a program and menu and did calligraphy for our escort cards, another friend was responsible for the cake pops we put in our favors and our officiant is the mom of one of our bride’s maids. Knowing our officiant personally and having friends contribute in little ways made everything feel very personal and special for us.

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