Tailor-Made Bliss

Life Fusion Photography

Hilary’s maiden name was Schneider which means “Tailor” and Dan’s last name is Bliss – so it was an easy connection to put them together and create the direction of their wedding through branding…TAILOR-MADE BLISS!

Tailor-Made Bliss was the basis of the overall design and the journey Hilary and Dan took together to create their personal stamp for their wedding! We first started by creating the logo which included a needle with thread that was the ampersand (&) between their initials H & D. Once the logo was developed we incorporated that on the favor bags that contained mini sewing kits along with the table numbers, cake and any place where we showcased printed materials throughout. We continued to incorporate items that would add to the feel of an old fashioned seamstress/tailor. We found a fun replica of a Singer sewing machine, a body form was used to pin notes as a “welcome book” and table number holders were created out of spools wrapped in their colors of gold and blue.

The couple loved seeing the vision come together and enjoyed the idea of branding their wedding…now have their logo to use anytime in the future to showcase their unity!

Tailor-Made BlissEdna Dratch-Parker