What to consider when choosing a wedding planner – From The Wedding Brander™

1: What should brides consider when choosing a wedding planner to work with?

A bride should look for a professional wedding planner who knows the industry, is organized, and has the experience and references to vouch for their work. However, probably one of the most important aspects of choosing the right planner is to look for someone you feel comfortable with. Remember, the wedding planner is one of the most important people in a bride’s life leading up to and during the big day. Brides should look for a planner they connect with, who is open to their ideas, but can also help shape their vision and bring it all together. My advice is to spend time interviewing your prospective wedding planner in person so you can understand how the planner works, their pricing model, their philosophy in working with clients, and if you enjoy being around them!

2: How do you help brides build a brand for their wedding in a way that would be difficult for them to achieve without your help?

Many brides like the idea of branding their wedding, but are not sure how to apply it to their big day. Branding a wedding properly takes time to develop. Many elements – such as the look and feel, the personality of the couple (are they artsy or sophisticated? outdoorsy or urban?), and continuity of theme – all play a role in creating the couple’s “brand.” The brand should encapsulate who they are as a couple and be expressed throughout every aspect of the event – from the fist invitation to the last thank you card. The brand can be as subtle or as bold as the couple wants. It is the wedding planner’s job to help them navigate all these elements to create their special brand or “personality stamp” for their wedding.

Our goal and expertise is in making wedding dreams a reality by combining our event planning expertise with our experience as designers who look at weddings through an artistic lens, using these skills to create a special and memorable experience for the couple. Branding a wedding isn’t just about organizing all the wedding components (i.e. music, flowers and venue), rather, it is about creating the couple’s unique story and telling it throughout the entire wedding experience, which starts long before the bride and groom walk down the aisle.

Many brides I speak with want to achieve a certain feeling on their big day. They often come to me with many conflicting ideas and it can be overwhelming. The process of branding is about taking the bride’s desires and wishes for their wedding, distilling it down to a single vision they are excited about, and then making it all work within their budget. Given that most brides are busy working professionals and don’t have the kind of time or vendor relationships that wedding planners have spent years building – trying to create something special and within their budget can be a big challenge without the help of a professional.

Written by: Edna Dratch-Parker
EFD Creative – Event Planning & Design
The Wedding Brander™

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